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Digital-photography.com – Why another website about photography? Where is it heading? Who is behind? Here are the answers.

Why this website?

Digital-photography.com is a personal approach to writing about photography − close to practice, thorough, enjoyable to read. Although there is already an infinite amount written about photography, something of its own emerged, different from the websites and books I know.

  • The content is given a clear, easy-to-follow structure, different from blogs with more or less loosely connected topics.
  • Each article is assigned to a level for beginners, advanced or as special knowledge, so that every reader can pick out what is appropriate and to address all levels.
  • Priority is given to creativity and image composition. Any experienced photographer will confirm that the camera is secondary, just a tool. Image composition deserves just as thorough a description as technique, but far too little is written about it.
  • When it comes to camera techniques, focus on the essentials. There will be a lot to read about cameras here, but what really counts in practice is only a small part of all possible settings and functions and should be easy to find and clearly expressed.
  • Example photos and explanations are often taken from everyday situations or typical travel experiences, and should help to get the best out of them photographically. Photographic vision and know-how is very universal, can always improve your photos, no matter when and where you shoot.
  • ”Photos with their story behind“ will show how example photos were made, not only an impressive final result. Comprehensible and within reach of many readers. And linked with basic knowledge so that you can jump back and forth.
  • All articles are backed up with personal experience, well-founded content and, if in doubt, tried out for yourself.
  • Smartphone photography is still smiled at by many old hands, but deserves more attention with its special features. Smartphones are a certain type of camera with advantages and disadvantages about which there is much to say.

After a complete rewrite of existing old content in 2021, new articles are to grow digital-photography.com step by step in 2022 and take it in this direction.

Who is behind?

I am Martin Schneider, hobby photographer since childhood, and after more than 20 years of full-time self-employment with IT projects, a corona-related break gave me the opportunity to start something new.

I decided to try something fun and to dust off the website about digital photography that I had started back in 2008 but had been dormant for a long time, and to fill it with a new concept and new life.

The operator of the website is a limited liability company that belongs to me and comes from my main profession.

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