J. Customise handling | Nikon D5100 guide

Level:Special knowledge

All of the D5100's settings to customise operation to your personal preferences.

Shutter release button

ou can prevent the D5100 from constantly adjusting the exposure to a changed image frame when the shutter release button is pressed. Instead, it will activate the exposure lock as soon as and as long as you press the shutter button. You can arrange for this in the custom settings menu c1 Shutter release button AE-L.

Starting autofocus

You can shift the start of autofocus from tapping the shutter release button to pressing the AE-L/AF-L button, by selecting AF-ON in the custom settings menu f2 Assign AE-L/AF-L button.

Fn button

This button is programmable to give instant access to a personal favourite setting.

In Nikon's defaults, it sets the ISO sensitivity together with the command dial.

However, the custom settings menu f1 Assign Fn button has a total of 14 to choose from and you could select a different one.

AE-L/AF-L button

The AE-L/AF-L button is a second programmable button with fewer possible functions, five in total. These are

  • four variations of exposure and focus lock, matching the AE-L/AF-L label for ”auto exposure“ lock and "autofocus lock". 
  • Start autofocus. 

In the custom settings menu f2 Assign AE-L/AF-L button you can tell the D5100 your favourite setting.

The default is that the AE-L/AF-L button locks exposure and autofocus, my preference is to control exposure and autofocus independently and set it AE lock (Hold).

Command dial

The custom settings menu f3 Reverse dial rotation can swap the directions used for exposure compensation and/or the aperture setting.

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