K. Other customisations

Level:Special knowledge

On this page: the remaining D7000 settings that you can use to customise the behaviour of your D7000 and that are not already mentioned in other chapters.

Monitor off delay

The custom settings menu c4 Monitor off delay defines the time after which the monitor switches off, separately for

  • Picture display
  • Menu display
  • Recording information
  • image control and
  • Live View.

Set a longer time here if you are bothered by the monitor switching off too early.

Release lock without memory card

In Nikon's default settings, the D7000 can be released even if no memory card is inserted. It indicates a missing memory card in three places:

  • a small black icon flashing in the bottom left of the viewfinder,
  • an error symbol in the remaining images display, and
  • a red overlay demo during image playback.

If you want to make sure you don't accidentally shoot without a memory card for a while, you can additionally set the custom settings menu f8 Slot empty release lock to On.

Illuminating LCD display

If you change the custom settings menu d10 LCD illumination from the default value Off to On, the LCD display will always be illuminated as long as the exposure metering is active.

Viewfinder warning display

The custom settings menu d4 Viewfinder warning display allows you to switch three warning icons in the viewfinder on or off:

  • low battery
  • photographing in black and white (="Picture Control" menu is set to "monochrome")
  • no memory card.

You can safely ignore the menu, in Nikon's default settings the warnings are switched on and can remain so.

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