Nikon D7000 manual

Level:Special knowledge

This manual is a guide through all settings of the Nikon D7000, grouped by simple topics of manageable size. It is designed for advanced users who are looking for ideas on what else their D7000 can do and for anyone who wants to go into more detail on individual topics.

About this manual

What's inside | This guide takes you through the topics below, and doing so it covers all of the Nikon D7000's possible settings.

This approach makes it easy to see which of the many camera settings are related and to find what you need based on topics such as focusing, exposure etc.

Recommended reading | It is helpful if you already know the much shorter descriptions of the most important basic and advanced settings of the D7000.

A word of caution: with all its details, the D7000 is really complex.

It's best to flick through the manual, skim the headings and only read more closely where something catches your interest.

Trying to master all D7000 settings from A-Z is something for specialists. Going through the manual from beginning to end is good piece of work and you won't need it all. You can take fantastic photos with the D7000 even without knowing everything down to the last detail.

What's not in  | You won't find really basic functions and those that are more or less similar on all cameras:

  • Changing and charging batteries, inserting memory cards
  • transferring photos to your computer
  • changing lenses.

Nor do I write about lenses and the various possible accessories here.

Table of contents

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